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My kid is currently at Jowonio, and I want them to continue to attend Jowonio for the 2020-21 school year. What do I have to do? Fill out the registration form asap! Pre-registration forms will be sent home the first week of February.  These forms are due back to the front desk within 2 weeks. If you have a child receiving services through Jowonio, please do your best to fill out the form and what you would prefer, however ultimately your district has to approve future services and summer programming.  Your teachers will guide you through this process.

I have a child at Jowonio right now and want my younger child to start in the fall. What do I need to do? We need a waitlist form completed for EVERY child, even siblings!  These forms can be found at the front desk or on our website.

My friends and neighbors want to enroll their child at Jowonio. What should I tell them?  Direct them to the waitlist form on our website ( Completed waitlist forms can be emailed, faxed (315-445-4060) or dropped off. They will be entered into our system according to date received if your child does not receive special education services.

If your child requires special education supports and services the waiting list is by the order in which children go through their school district and qualify for a Special Class Integrated Setting (SCIS).

My friend wants their child with special needs to attend Jowonio. How do they do that? They can visit our website ( and download the interest form for kids with special needs. They should be in contact with Emily Vercelloni for a tour.  When assisting your friend, please note that children with special needs have to be approved for a Special Class Integrated Setting Program Model through their school district prior to them being placed on the waiting list.  Emily will assist families further with questions or concerns. 

I filled out the waitlist form. When will I know if my child can attend Jowonio? After sorting through pre-registration forms for current students, we will begin to call families from our waitlist in for tours beginning in March.  If your child is qualifying for a Special Class Integrated Setting this process will start after all of our current children receiving services have gone through their Committee of Preschool Special Education within their school district. By May we have an understanding of availability for placement for children who qualify for services.

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